Why Choose a Guided Tour

I've been lucky to travel to many places in the world. My fondest memories while in India, North Africa and the Americas were the insights I received from locals. A guide was worth the money if I truly wanted to understand what it means to live, where they live. We went to Khajuraho in Madha Predesh, India . An old man offered to show me around, I said no but he gave me the tour anyway. It's an amazing collection of temples with the most erotic carvings of the karma sutra. After, I asked him while having a beer, why does everybody hassle us tourists all the time with "Come stay here" "come buy this" it's never ending. He said it's simple, " You my dear boy, you are just like a cow waiting to be milked" I liked that analogy, as not only is it about knowledge, it's about supporting the local economy! Seriously, there two lessons to be learned here. Firstly, as one of the 5% of the world's population who have ever sat on an aeroplane, we are the privileged few, Secondly, we should never take visitors for granted, believing they will always come, no matter what the circumstances. These experiences have influenced my interactions with visitors over the years and for them I am grateful and privileged.

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